Facts about Bumbershoot Festival

Bumbershoot is one of the greatest festivals for those guys who are looking for great comedies, arts or music. It has the best locations for festivals in downtown Seattle. It prices have remained reasonable over the years despite its high demand. This is why you find many people foregoing other festivals because of this festival.

Getting There

Getting a parking lot around Bumbershoot is pricey and tough. Individuals who are interested in Bumbershoot can take a bus-they should use the Metro’s Trip Planner. Bike owners can park them in the available spaces on Needle’s space lawn. You can get more information about bumbershoot set times by referring to their official website.

Bumbershoot Tickets

Individuals who have paid for the festival are given a wristband which has an embedded barcode. They should wear their wristband whenever time they are going to the festival. Anyone who has paid should not remove it until he/she has finished attending. It is important to note that these wristbands are nontransferable, nonexchangeable, and non-refundable. Anyone with is freed to attend all venues. Seniors who are over 70 and children under eight don’t need a wristband.

Pricing /Availability

This is one of those festivals that employ dynamic “pricing shop.” This means that availability and ticket prices vary by day. The price is likely to shoot up a few days to the festival. It is, therefore, essential to book your ticket in advance. The average price for a three-day pass ranges from 250-775 USD while that of a single day is 129 USD. You can visit their official website to check their official website for up-to-date prices and availability.

Survival Techniques for Bumbershoot

Avoid driving– the available parking spaces fill up very fast, and they are damn expensive. It is, therefore, advisable to use public means of transport or ride your bike.
Never line up for the bathroom break– Visitors are advised to take advantage of the public restrooms which are well-maintained instead of lining up for the bathroom break. You can find a restroom near the entrances of various venues.
Go early-Anyone who wants to see a specific act is advised should go early when the venue is not full. Remember that some venues like theatres fill up very early. However, you shouldn’t despair because there are enough seats for everyone.
Browsing the food booths– Visitors can enjoy their means by sitting down on the nice spots on the lawn. Bumbershoot is one the spectacle places that you can ever be. Visitors can enjoy the interesting objects and folks.…