A Shower Heads Buying Guide That Every House Owner Must Know

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When it comes to bathing, most people forget how important their choice of showerheads is. They focus on whether to have a cold water bath or a hot one. Whereas, according to many studies, bathing with cold water can actually improve one’s pain resistance. As long as it is not during winter, cold water should be preferable. What’s more important is the showerhead that you use. 

Where to Install the Showerhead

a ceiling showerheadThere are three options: wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and wall-mounted with shower arms. The wall-mounted showerhead is usually the cheapest model, while the ceiling-mounted is the most expensive. The reason for this is that showerheads that are mounted on the ceiling are typically larger than the ones on the wall. The nozzles also distribute evenly because of gravity. The wall-mounted showerheads, on the other hand, may not be efficient when the water pressure is low. But the one with a shower arm can give you the flexibility you can’t have with the fixed showerheads. 

Consider Water Efficiency of the Showerhead

Traditionally, showering consumed 8 gallons of water per minute during bathing. And that is a waste of water by today’s standard. Therefore, we now have low-flow showerheads. By introducing air into the shower mechanism, the showerhead can create an illusion of strong water pressure. Another technology for water efficiency in showerheads is the laminar flow. It is arguably the best option if you want to have a massage sensation, but the biggest drawback is when the water pressure is low. It can be difficult for you to rinse the shampoo from your hair. 

Different Materials, Different Perks

The most durable material for showerheads is brass. It resists rust and corrosion, and you can expect it to last for a lifetime. But the initial cost can be expensive, indeed. In the second place, there is the stainless steel shower head. It is naturally resistant to rust, but after several years, you will have to clean it because of mineral buildups. Third, porcelain is also a material commonly used in showerheads. It is also a durable material but is second to brass. However, a porcelain showerhead only looks good in the bathroom with vintage style. 

Pick the Right Nozzles

The three common types of nozzles are raised-nozzles, flat, and silicone. The raised nozzles can give you streamlined and powerful sprays. But it can get easily clogged if you don’t use a water softener. The same thing happens with flat nozzles. But this type is usually the most affordable one. The best from the three is the silicone nozzles. There won’t be any buildups if you use a showerhead with silicone nozzles. And yet you can still get the sensation as if you are using the raised nozzles.