Six Qualities of an Exceptional Maid Service


Hiring a maid service is a grand decision if you have a tight schedule. The truth is that most folks lack the time to keep their homes organized, neat and clean as they would wish. However, when it comes to hiring a housekeeper is not as simple as most think. You must select someone that is dedicated and operates professionally to make your life a lot easier. Discussed below are some qualities you should look out for before you book a maid service.



Just like mentioned earlier, people have hectic schedules nowadays. If you want to hire a maid service for a long time, you need someone that you can always count on to clean your mess. When hunting for a maid service select one that offers their services around the clock as they are more reliable compared to their counterparts that have operational hours.



Keeping your home clean and neat is not a stroll in the park, and if the maid service you hire is not hardworking they will not manage to keep your home neat and perfectly clean. Before hiring a candidate you should ensure that they will put in their time and energy in ensuring that your home is spotless.



I most cases, you will be leaving the cleaners sent by the maid service in your home without supervision. If the cleaners are not honest the possibilities are that you will find some of your valuable property missing. And that is not all! You might realize that some areas of your home have not been cleaners as the service claims. Make sure that you hire a maid service that screens their workers to ensure that they are trustworthy before sending them to your residence.


cleaning serviceExperienced

Check the number of years a maid service has been providing their services before booking. While fresh maid service providers might have lots of energy, experienced maid services will clean your home and even give you advice that will save you lots of time and notes. The ugly truth is that fresh maid service providers can do a good job but not as good as those who have been in the industry for a while now.



Look for a maid service that is willing to tailor their services to meet your requirements as well as timings. Flexibility is the secret to ensuring that your life is much easier. Gone are the heydays when you had to worry about managing schedules.



Nobody, including you, deserves to work with a maid service that arrives late after contacting them. If you need your mess to be cleaned within no time a maid service that dispatches cleaners to your home hours after contacting them won’t be effective. You need someone that can arrive at your residence in less than thirty minutes to clean your mess.

A maid service having the traits as mentioned above will go above and beyond your expectations. Why let your home stay dirty and untidy while you can get a professional maid service to keep in sparkling clean?…

Facts about Bumbershoot Festival

Bumbershoot is one of the greatest festivals for those guys who are looking for great comedies, arts or music. It has the best locations for festivals in downtown Seattle. It prices have remained reasonable over the years despite its high demand. This is why you find many people foregoing other festivals because of this festival.

Getting There

Getting a parking lot around Bumbershoot is pricey and tough. Individuals who are interested in Bumbershoot can take a bus-they should use the Metro’s Trip Planner. Bike owners can park them in the available spaces on Needle’s space lawn. You can get more information about bumbershoot set times by referring to their official website.

Bumbershoot Tickets

Individuals who have paid for the festival are given a wristband which has an embedded barcode. They should wear their wristband whenever time they are going to the festival. Anyone who has paid should not remove it until he/she has finished attending. It is important to note that these wristbands are nontransferable, nonexchangeable, and non-refundable. Anyone with is freed to attend all venues. Seniors who are over 70 and children under eight don’t need a wristband.

Pricing /Availability

This is one of those festivals that employ dynamic “pricing shop.” This means that availability and ticket prices vary by day. The price is likely to shoot up a few days to the festival. It is, therefore, essential to book your ticket in advance. The average price for a three-day pass ranges from 250-775 USD while that of a single day is 129 USD. You can visit their official website to check their official website for up-to-date prices and availability.

Survival Techniques for Bumbershoot

Avoid driving– the available parking spaces fill up very fast, and they are damn expensive. It is, therefore, advisable to use public means of transport or ride your bike.
Never line up for the bathroom break– Visitors are advised to take advantage of the public restrooms which are well-maintained instead of lining up for the bathroom break. You can find a restroom near the entrances of various venues.
Go early-Anyone who wants to see a specific act is advised should go early when the venue is not full. Remember that some venues like theatres fill up very early. However, you shouldn’t despair because there are enough seats for everyone.
Browsing the food booths– Visitors can enjoy their means by sitting down on the nice spots on the lawn. Bumbershoot is one the spectacle places that you can ever be. Visitors can enjoy the interesting objects and folks.…

The Best Tips for Your Wardrobe

casual dress

A wardrobe should not only be your closest friend when your crush finally asks you out. It should always be your center of focus whenever you are home or away. It bears all your fashion secrets and is there for you even when you are having a bad day. Finding suitable wardrobe design tips is just what you need to lessen your burdens when you have to go out. Besides, you will get all the answers you need when you find the right sources to confide in. The dressing is fun when you know what you are doing. These tips will come in handy and help you out in your quest for wardrobe greatness.


wardrobeClean it up

Stuffing up your wardrobe with clothes and leaving them unfolded is one thing that should never cross your mind. Clean up your wardrobe every single day and be sure to leave it smelling fresh. All dirty clothes must go to the laundry basket as soon as you take them off. This is never an easy tip to stick to especially when you are on a busy schedule every day. This takes commitment as well as sacrifice. After all, nothing good comes easy, and you must be prepared to face all the tough responsibilities that come your way. It all starts with the things that you consider to be so tiny and less important. With time, this becomes a habit, and you will learn to mind your wardrobe’s wellbeing more often.


The Experts

Upon further research, you will realize just how much easier the experts have made it for you. Most of them have established themselves online by sharing their effective ideas on wardrobe tips online. By following them up keenly, you can rest assured that all your wardrobe woes will finally be put to sleep. What’s more, they always come up with brand new ideas rather than recycle what others have used over the years. They are called the experts for nothing. Their prowess in the world of fashion and wardrobe maintenance has seen them rise to higher levels. The experts always know just what to tackle since they have been in this arena for quite a long time.


Something for Everyone

Rather than only have a certain set of tips for a certain gender or age group, everyone is included in this trend. Thorough research online will land you exactly where you want to go. There’s plenty of other wonderful items including what you need for a certain occasion. Not to mention the fashion sense that will suit your body size very well. These are some of the areas that normally get most people in a fix. It only gets worse when you are in a hurry to leave the house, and you still don’t have an idea where to start. Having something that we can all depend on is a great place to start. Not to mention how reliable some sources can be especially in this sector.


party dressCare and Maintenance

After all, is said and done, let’s not forget to be consistent. The best care and maintenance practices for your wardrobe must be adhered to strictly.…

How to Maximize the use of a Small Space?


If you have some limited space in your house, there are a few tips that you might apply to ensure that you make the best of that space. Availability of space will depend greatly on what you are going to keep and how you are going to arrange it in the limited space. Below are a few tips that will help you maximize the use of a small space.


home builder 1. Get Rid of the Unused

To be able to maximize the use of that space you need to ensure that you only retain what is necessary. Having lots of things to keep may make it impossible for you to organize the place. For this reason, it is advisable that you make a list of the things that you need to have in the place. You should get rid of all the things that you occasionally or rarely use at all. All these should be brought only and only when they are needed.


2. Arrange them in Shelves

When things are placed in shelves, it becomes quite easy to organize them as opposed to when they are just placed on the floor. Creating shelves in the limited space creates room for more space. Again placing things on shelves makes it easy to retrieve them when they are needed which saves you lots of time and ensure little or no damage to the items.


3. Create Space

When living in a place with limited space, it would only be logical to maximize all the available space that one gets. If for instance, you live in a place that you need to have stairs, the spaces in the stairs could be compartmentalized into storage areas. The whole point is to ensure that you make the best of the space that you have available. In this, you will need to be as creative as you possibly can. Another thing that you can do is converting your roof to something else, maybe a recreational area or even a painting room.


4. Install Sliding Doors

A conventional hinge door needs to swing when opening and closing. This means that you will need to leave an allowance enough for this. By replacing this with a sliding door, that allowance can be used as a storage space for something else. By doing this to all the doors in the small place, you will effectively free more space for more storage.


home 5. Have Multipurpose Rooms

Where possible, having one room achieve several purposes can go a long way in saving up space. If for instance, you have an ironing place in the bedroom, there will be no need of having another room for ironing. The bathroom can also be combined to house both the bathtub and the toilet bowl, only separated by a thin compartment.

The above are some of the many ideas that may help you make the best of the space that you have. All you need to do is be creative on the many ways that through which you can save the little space that you have.…